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The Ink Tank is a multi-purpose production company

that focuses on creating unique and engaging content in many variations of entertainment.

Founded in June 2018 by Rob Orpilla and Hurshie Williams,

The Ink Tank has been successful in exposing its content to an audience of millions through YouTube Videos, Comics, Animation, Live-Streams, and special interactive contests and events. 


Kuro the Artist

Budding from a popular

Facebook Art Page,

Kuro soon found viral fame with his online webcomic 5 Years Later, and popular YouTube videos with contentious claims on animation.

Kuro bred The Ink Tank Empire with dedicated efforts to tell strong stories and create entertaining content.

Hurshie Lee

Kuro and Hurshie met well over a decade ago through a mutual love of creative entertainment.

Hurshie keeps the business side of the company in check, and contributes to all Ink Tank projects as a Writer, Host, and Streamer.

He is the glue that holds us all together.  

O. R. Ash

Ash fills the "Mad Scientist" role of the Ink Tank Crew, with his unique flavor of Character Design and World-Building ideas.

He created his own weekly series, Fusion Friday, and has increasingly stepped more into the spotlight Hosting Video Projects with Hurshie, and voicing Horas in And Beyond.


Fro rules over The Tank's fanbase with his approachable kindness, but a bold sense of humor.

Beginning as the viral sensation "Guy With An Afro", he has made respectable efforts to continue his passion for entertainment and animation.

Catch him Sundays on The Off-Script Podcast.



With a steady crawl of over 20m views

and 240,000+ Subscribers, we strive to put out only the best content.


Now streaming five days a week,

watch us develop artwork for our projects

and clients, play games, answer questions, and keep you updated on everything happening in our little world.