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Coloring Pages

About the activities

These activities were created to be easy enough for anyone of any age to be able to do them, but is not directly targeted at any specific age group, either. Prototype versions of these activities were created during my experience as a staff for an After School Program/ Summer Camp at the YMCA. 

These activities were exposed to nearly 400 children ranging from Kingergarden to Seventh grade, and was met with great success for entertainment and sharpening artistic skills. The overwhelming praise by the children, parents, and staff, has lead me to create official versions of these activities, and make them available for anyone to have access. 

I am also looking to expand upon these activities more.

If you have any feedback you'd like to share with me based on your experiences with these activities,

or would like to suggest a new idea, feel free to let me know over at the Contact section of the website,

or simply comment below if you have a Facebook account.